Track Container, Bins & Vehicles

M2M Solutions provide the ability to instantly access the real-time location of assets. At the palm of their hands, users can pinpoint the location and status of both motorized, non-powered assets and fleet vehicles. We provide advanced navigation capabilities that draw data from Google Maps to provide up-to-the-second traffic information used to optimize route and distribution schedules.

Monitoring Alerts

Using a variety of cutting-edge sensors, details about the condition of objects and goods can be transmitted to supervisors in real-time. These include useful metrics such as temperature, humidity level, speed of travel and many more. By having the ability to receive these live alerts, managers are able to make precise and informed decisions.


Remote Maintenance Prevention

In order to remain on top of any problems encountered on the road, vehicles should be kept mechanically sound and inspection-ready at all times. Remote Maintenance Prevention can reduce the cost and risk of breakdowns and prevent small issues from developing into bigger ones.


Improved Security

Advanced intelligence found in technology such as security tags and monitors can advise when a product or manufacturing process might have been impaired, altered or otherwise tampered with. Sensors can also send alerts for various incidents, including theft, miscounts, temperature issues or unauthorized access.

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