Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Having a tracking solution allows fleet managers to provide their drivers with not only directions, but also the shortest and most efficient route from one point to the next. By providing the exact location of each vehicle and technician at any given moment, the dispatcher is able to send the closest vehicle to any job or emergency that comes in throughout the day, allowing for jobs to be completed more efficiently.

Lower Operating Costs

M2M Solutions allows users to set maintenance alerts for each and every vehicle to inform when they are due for regular maintenance, aiding in preventing breakdowns. Alerts can be set based on anything from calendar time to engine run-time to mileage, depending on the required service. When a vehicle is due for upkeep, users are notified via email or in the cloud platform.

Improved Customer Service

High-quality customer service is a critical key in growing a business. By implementing a tracking solution, both employees and customers will remain updated on a vehicle’s location and arrival time as well as ensure that all proper equipment is on-board. This provides a sense of comfort with customers and ensures that the job will be completed properly and efficiently.

Optimizing Logistics

Supply chain and logistics solutions enable companies to more effectively manage and allocate resources by optimizing the flow of assets, providing real-time visibility of location and material flow. These solutions not only reduce costs throughout the entire process, but also improve asset utilization and enhance operational efficiencies.

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