Real-Time Monitoring

Real time monitoring of all kinds of data signals with a complex array of Boolean algorithms allows for intuitive and informed decision making. Our M2M solutions will give your equipment and machinery a voice to let you understand how they are doing.

Real-Time Diagnostics

Remote maintenance solutions will meticulously predict when worn parts of a machine are due for a replacement to avoid unplanned downtime. Correspondingly, the scheduled maintenance checks will occur during off hours. This will greatly reduce the number of local service visits as well as costs related to service and upkeep, while improving machine availability and performance.

Customized Reports

Users have the capability to assemble customized reports and to receive them on a specific date and time. These reports can be as simple as the on/off times of a machine or as complex as how many parts were made during a specific period of time vs another machine. Customized reports can arrive at your inbox automatically letting you know what has happened the previous shift, day, week, month or year. Our system is versatile by providing different members of your organization the key information that they require.

A Variety of Uses

M2M technology has a variety of applications that can be implemented within any process, whether it is to reduce TAKT time or increase OEE. In its simplest form M2M reduces costs and increases efficiency. Speak with one of our M2M specialists about a solution that will improve your bottom line.

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