Time Remote

Time Remote is a portable unit that can be deployed in a few minutes by simply plugging it in to power. It can also be run on 12-24 v dc. It contains its own communicator that wirelessly sends the information to our platform eliminating the need for an internet connection.
GPS Message service on smartphone

No more time sheets!!

With Time Remote you can now do payroll effortlessly without having to decipher time sheets. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded in excel/pdf. Generate reports based on any kind of pay period. Reports also include the geo-location where users time in and out.

Time Remote

Time Remote is Time & Attendance solution that is used for payroll as well as attendance applications. There are 2 versions available; a portable unit that can be placed at a location where employees, trades and other personnel can swipe in and out. The second version is a smartphone based service that allows users to swipe in and out right on their phone. Both solutions are completely cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Both these types can be used simultaneously with in an organization.


GPS Message is a Time & Attendance service for smartphones¬†that allows users to “time in & out” where ever they are.
It also features:

  • GPS Tracking which displays the location of the smartphone on a map
  • Instant Messaging allowing dispatchers to communicate with the phone, and push locations to it
  • Person Down should the smartphone not move for a predefined period of time it can send an alert
  • Panic Button should the user be in distress a notification can be sent to specific recipients
Comprehensive reports

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