Features of GEN Remote Solution

● Real-Time Alerts
● Maintenance Reminders
● Customized Reports
● Theft Protection

Easy to use interface

4G/CAT-M1 Cellular Network

GEN Remote has its own built in the 3G Cellular Communicator ensuring that you will receive the vital information regardless if your internet & Wi-Fi is down.

GEN Remote

GEN Remote is a LIVE monitoring solution that lets you see the status of your generator in real time. This solution allows you to receive common events such as; Utility Loss & Restored, Transfer Switch On & Off, Running Transferred, Generator Failed, Exercise, Fuel Solenoid On & Off & Low Battery. Be notified on your smartphone, tablet or PC when an event occurs.

Gen Remote also includes maintenance reports & notifications to let you know when it’s time to service your generator based on hours of usage.

Monitor one or many generators

Whether you are monitoring a single residential unit or manage your entire customer base, GEN Remote can grow with you. Our user intuitive platform lets you set up alerts for your customers as well as a bank of notifications and status pages for your own use this allows you to provide your customers a wide range of service levels.

Gen Remote

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