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Clean Technology

Clean Technology is now an initiative by many governments. Here is an incentive made by the Canadian government.

Clean technology investments

Ottawa has a growing clean technology sector. It’s an industry the government is looking to encourage through a variety of federal departments, agencies and investment vehicles.

Budget 2017 proposes:

  • $14.5 million over four years to develop Clean Technology Data Strategy.
  • $12 million over four years for government departments to establish a Clean Growth Hub.
  • $200 million over four years for the Natural Resources, Agriculture, Fisheries and Oceans departments to invest in various stage clean technologies being developed by industry, academia and federal labs.
  • $400 million over five years to recapitalize the SD Tech Fund (Sustainable Development) to support clean tech projects across Canada.
  • $380 million over three years for Business Development Bank and the Economic Development Corporation to support equity financing to support clean tech firms looking to grow.
  • An additional $570 million over three years in working capital to support clean tech firms.

Investment, future tech entrepreneurs, innovation clusters

The government proposes to establish Innovation Canada, a new platform to co-ordinate and simplify support available to Canadian entrepreneurs.

Benjamin Bergen, executive director of the Council of Canadian Innovators, said the budget included the right things.

“Canadian innovators and tech leaders who have been engaging with Ottawa are cautiously optimistic that the measures announced in Budget 2017 will help Canadian tech firms grow, scale and reach new markets. Many details of the budget still require further consultation with industry, and Canadian tech CEOs and innovators look forward to being part of this dialogue with the federal government.”

The government plans to encourage the development of so-called super clusters: tech business hubs that will attract anchor companies from around the world.

Info About GPS

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Montreal taxis to be equipped with surveillance cameras, GPS trackers and panic buttons

WATCH ABOVE: New surveillance cameras, GPS trackers and panic buttons will be installed in Montreal cabs by the end of 2017. Global’s Kelly Greig reports.


In the 35 years Juanna Albando has been a taxi driver, she can recall just one time she felt unsafe.

“Suddenly, I heard a click,” she told Global News.

“Two men put the knife at my neck and my head in the seat. Instantly, I said ‘listen, leave me alone, I’m a single woman with three kids, if you need money just take it.’”

She got away without a scratch.

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